2016 Core 24 Bike 24 inch Wheel ......yours for 375 when trading in your old bike.

2016 Core 24 Bike 24 inch Wheel ......yours for 375 when trading in your old bike.

Our Price:  £450.00



Despatch Normally within one to two days.

Brand:  Genesis

Yours for only 375 when trading in your old bike... See "Part Exchange" tab below.

On this cycle we can offer you a fantastic discount (up to 100 on selected models) off the retail price when trading in your old bike. Stocks are limited and we anticipate these models selling out fast. We are not fussy on the bike you use as a trade in, as long as it has 2 wheels, a frame and a saddle you WILL qualify for this promotion. If you wish to reserve this bike simply click "pay in store" at checkout. We will hold the specified bike for 7 days. Alternatively why not pay us a visit instore. Remember to access the discounted price you must hand in your old bike.

Subject to the same amount of obsessive detail that goes into our adult range - this great little bike is designed to develop, encourage and grow riding skills with a spec that won't hold them back.
As with all our bikes, our first priority is fit, ensuring the bike is a comfortable, safe, and confidence-inspiring place to be. With a super-compact, low standover frame, custom length, non-suspension corrected fork, and carefully selected, proportionally correct components, you can rest assured of a good fit, leaving junior free to concentrate solely on the riding and you free to try and keep up!
We've dressed the bike in parts we know will be hardy, reliable and great performers, ensuring there'll be life left in the bike for any younger brothers or sisters.
Core 24 - the first proper bike we all wish we had at their age!