Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie 2017 MTB Experience

Turbo Levo FSR Comp 6Fattie 2017 MTB Experience

Our Price:  £200.00
Trail Venue:  
Your Cycling Level:  
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Brand:  Specialized

It is fair to say we have never been as excited on new products coming in to our store, the Turbo Levo offers something for everyone who enjoys trail riding. On the rapidly growing category of pedal-assist mountain bikes, We like Specialized believe we have the best bike in this sector. We have ridden them, we have listened to what Specialized have said and now we want YOU to experience the Turbo Levo for yourself. Some previous trail cycling will be of a benefit to experience the true potential of the Turbo Levo. If you have limited experience dont be concerned, we are in no rush to complete the "trail loop" and will go at your pace. You will be accompanied by riders with experience of the trails & mountain biking. At least one of your cycle companions will be a fully qualified first aider. PLEASE NOTE : You are hiring the bike, you will be responsible for decisions you make when out on the trails, MOUNTAIN BIKING can be a dangerous sport, even for the most experienced riders. Although the Irvine Cycles team will be with you on your ride, we will not be responsible for choices YOU make when riding on the trails. We are however experienced riders, we will give advice on the trails and riding when required. We have industry recognised certificates for repair & maintenance of the bikes,are able to provide a first class technical back up for the duration of your cycle hire. In other words, if your chain snaps, you get a puncture, your battery fails, whatever the problem that the bike may throw up, we guarantee to provide the technical support required to complete your ride.

PLEASE NOTE ; This cycle hire is an all day MTB experience where you will be accompanied on the trails by Irvine Cycles staff.

This Turbo Levo Experience is aimed at a diverse group, the pedal assisted mountain bike market is a sector that is growing fast. On holiday ? A couple ? A cycle enthusiast ? Looking for a day out yourself or with a friend ? There really is no limts, barriers as to who this experience is for. Wether you are 16 or 65 years of age as long as you have a passion for cycling and trail cycling in particular this experience could be for you. Superfit or Superunfit? It really doesnt matter, the pedal assisted Turbo Levo is a levellar for all age bands and fitness levels. So if you are looking for a day out on the trails on the latest and best MTB pedal assisted bikes we guarantee you will return with a big smile on your face.

All Day Riding
Transport & Lunch provided.
Technical Support & Back-up Throughout
First Aider

The Specialized Mission Control App offers a wide range of features and allows full control over the Turbo technology system of all Turbo Levo and certain Turbo bikes*. The key features of the app are:

This feature lets range anxiety disappear! The Smart Control algorithm allows you to set your desired ride time, distance, or location and will adjust the motor & battery output accordingly for you.

Allows you to customize your motor characteristics like acceleration response, maximum motor output or mode-setting

The app includes a comprehensive navigation (POI, search address, language coach and previous rides) in combination with an extensive and customizable board computer

STRAVA integration and automatic upload opportunities to dedicated E-bike segment

A comprehensive diagnose system gives you immediate feedback and an overview of the motor, battery and system health

Gives you a detailed overview of your fitness and ride history

Proposed Intenary :

. 8.30 - 8.45 Arrive at Irvine Cycles for “Meet & Greet” (tea & coffee)

. 8.45 – 9.00 An Introduction & guide to the days events.

. 9.00 – 9.45 Sizing of Bikes & Adjustmets etc.

. 8.45 – 9.00 Leave for trail centre.

. 11.00 Arrive at trail centre

. 11.00 – 11.15 Last minute adjustments & feel for bikes

. 11.15 - 12.45 “Ride The Trail”

.1.00 - 2.00 Lunch (provided on site, Soup, Pasta, Fruit & Sandwiches.)

.2.30 – 4.00 “Ride The Trail” (2nd Loop)

.4.15 Leave Trail Centre

.6.15 Arrive home

Mabie Forest Mountain Biking Trails
Mabie is the original mountain biking venue in the south west of Scotland and a highlight of the 7stanes trail centres.
The trails cater for beginners right through to the most experienced riders: there’s a skills area for honing your technique, great trails that snake through the woods.

Phoenix Trail : Red: Difficult - 11.9 miles / 19.0 km
A mixed cross-country route in stunning woodland on natural trails and singletrack.
A fast, challenging ride in places with rocky obstacles and tight berms. The Phoenix Trail takes you cross country through majestic woodland on both natural trails and singletrack.

Are you capable of completing the "Trail Loop" ? I understand I will have to sign a "liability waiver" form before riding.

Advanced Beginner : I have had some mountain bike experience, with care and some advice whilst on the trail I feel confident & capable of completing the "Trail Loop".

Competent : I have been cycling for many years, I have also had some experiences of "Trail Cycling" on red graded mountain bike trails & feel confident of completing the "Trail Loop".

Proficient : I have been cycling for many years, I also have regular experience of cycling on red graded mountain bike trails, I feel very confident in my ability to negotiate this "Trail Loop".

Expert : I have been "Mountain Biking" for many years, I require no assistance in negotiating red or black graded mountain trails.

ASSUMPTION OF RISKS I am aware that Mountain Biking involves many inherent risks, dangers and hazards, including but not limited to: exposed rock, earth, ice or other natural objects; trees, tree wells, tree stumps, forest deadfall; holes and depressions on or beneath the trail or surface; variable and difficult weather conditions; changes or variations in the terrain which may create blind spots or areas of reduced visibility; streams and creeks; cliffs; crevasses; travel on back-country roads; snowcat roads, road-banks and cut-banks; impact or collision with other mountain bikes and vehicles,

Can I request a Turbo Levo experience day on an alternative day from what is advertised? Answer : Of Course, although we earmark Sundays as our preffered days, If this doesnt suit, just call us and we could possibly find an alternative which may be more convenient for you.

Turbo Levo: SBCU Questions and Answers
The questions and answers in this document are based on frequently asked
How do you update the battery?
• By using the procedure known from the current Turbo: Diagnose Tool (Hardware) plus Software Update on the PC
• In the future, battery updates will be done via the Mission Control App
What are the main usage rules?
• Please refer to the Owner‘s Manual
• Always power off battery before connecting or disconnecting motor plug
• Always begin using battery at room temperature (do not allow battery to be stored on bike outside in winter)
• When not using battery over a longer period: store 50-60 % charged, ideally at 10-15°C, recharge every 3 months
Do I have to take the battery out of the frame for bike transport on car?
This is recommended
Do I have to take the battery out of the frame before washing my Levo?
• This is not necessary
• Switch bike off before washing
• Do not pressure wash bike
• Make sure the motor plug and battery contacts are dry before switching on the bike
• Use battery terminal protection spray to protect the connections
What service can retailers perform on batteries?
• Update battery with latest software
• Change the spherical rubber covered bolt that goes into the frame hook; position: hold battery to frame; slide bolt
in and position it; or check position of old bolt rock guard
• Change rock guard
• Battery may not be opened by retailers under any circumstance
Will there be an extra battery pack to charge primary battery while riding, e.g. mounted on waterbottle mounts?
• No
• if riders want to charge the battery while riding, they should carry the new compact and fast charger and charge
bike during a break.
• Use Mission Control App to control range
Which battery is available as aftermarket battery?
• 504 Wh
• Compatible with all Levos
• With ANT+/BT module, rock guard and pins
• SKU: 98916-5617
• **First shipment of batteries will not have rock guard and mounting pin installed. Make sure that batteries intended
for AM sale have the following parts included:
• ---S166800005 ELE MY16 LEVO BATTERY PIN
Which parts of the battery can be replaced?
• Generally: the battery may not be opened under any circumstances
• The spherical bolt that attaches to the frame hook can be replaced
• The thru axle is available as aftemarket piece
• Rockguard can be replaced
How has the battery been tested?
• The battery meets the requirements of each test in the UN Manual of Tests and Criteria, Part III,
subsection 38.3, which is obligatory for all batteries.
• These tests include:
• - Altitude simulation
• - Thermal test
• - Vibration
• - Shock
• - External short circuit
• - Impact/Crushing
• - Overcharging
• - Forced discharge
• In addition each cell incorporates a safety device against internal overpressure. The cells and the batteries
are manufactured according to a specific quality assurance program
Is there special diagnostic software for the LEVO?
• No
• Diagnosis done via Mission Control App- app will be more elaborate in the future (meaningful error codes)
When are the Levo Spare Parts available?
• All spare parts will be available when bikes are ready to ship
• See list with SKUs in B2B
Will there be a smartwatch app?
• No
• Garmin Connect IQ will not be compatible with the Garmin watch
• No other watch options like for the Apple Watch
What interface options are there to supplement the battery-integrated Trail Display?
• Five options:
• 1) Mission Control App on smartphone
• Full control over Levo
• 2) ANT+ device
• Shows Levo battery % through fake channel (e.g. heart rate channel or any other unused channel)
• Works with any ANT+ device, be it a watch, bicycle computer or GPS gadget
• Active fake channel in Mission Control App and select channel
• 3) ANT+ device with LEV protocol
• As of now: Garmin Explore 1000, Garmin Edge Touring Plus
• LEV (Light Electric Vehicle): special menu in device to see Levo battery %, change modes, basic bike
diagnostics, rider/motor power, cadence etc.
• 4) Garmin Connect IQ (from March on)
• Makes LEV protocol obsolete
• Specialized-specific app to be downloaded onto Garmin device
• SBC programs own Levo user interface for Garmin devices
• Custom apps run on device! (not as many functions as Mission Control App, but basics)
• App will be free
• 5) Levo ANT+ handlebar remote
• Wireless, compact remote to switch modes
• Can also change screens on Garmin Connect IQ
How long will the 1x11 chain last on the Levo?
• 1500 to 2000 km or more
• Depends on the use (terrain/conditions)
What chainring options are there?
• Range is 32t to 36t
• BCD is 104, any compatible 1x11 chainring can be mounted
• Only 32t custom Praxis Works steel chainring available through Specialized
• 32t proved to be the best configuration; no need for smaller chainring
Should I modify any components on my Specialized Levo bicycle?
• You should not replace or modify anything in the motor assembly or electric components, including the battery,
unless with genuine Specialized replacement parts. Any maintenance or work on the motor assembly needs to
be done by a Specialized Service Center. Changing components or adding
accessories generally is at your own risk because we may not have tested that component or accessory for
compatibility, reliability or safety.
Which replacement cranks are available?
• Crank arms (165 or 170mm)
• Spider
• 32t (only) custom steel chainring
How has the charger been tested to reach safety standards?
• The charger has been tested to fulfil several international and national requirements of our markets
• We have one charger with country specific cables
What is the power input of the charger in watts?
220 Watts
What is the maximum power input of the charger, e.g. when switching it on?
Max = 2.5A = 575W
Is there a charge adapter for e.g. a mobile home to charge from a 12V car battery?
• No, you will need a converter
Will there be 29“ wheels with boost standard (148 mm rear, 110 front)?
• Yes
• Yes, this allows to fit 29“ wheels into 6Fattie bikes
Which Levo Models are compatible with both 29“ and Boost wheels?
Frames and Hub width:
• All Levo models have the Boost-Standard, with one exception: 29“ Levo HT Models have a fork with a width of
100 mm
• All 6Fattie Levos are Boost in both front and rear (110 / 148)
• Levo 6Fattie HT and Levo 29 HT have the same frame
Conversion Kits:
• We will have Roval 29“ wheels with Boost Standard available (148 / 110 mm)
• We will have conversion kits for Boost Standard available, so 135/142 and 142+ wheels can be converted
to Boost-Standard
• Kit for Control SL in two versions (142+ and 135/142)
• Kit for Control and Control Carbon / Traverse and Traverse SL (142+ and 135/142)
• Conversion kits consist of: 2 End Caps for front wheel and Disc spacer, and two End Caps for rear wheel and
Important: When using the conversion kits, the heels must be 3mm centered. It‘s not necessary to change the spokes.
Will there be a handlebar remote control to switch modes?
• Yes, a wireless aftermarket item will be available soon.
• Optional, compact design, mounts to handlebar with rubber band
• Distributed through SBC
• Communicates with battery via ANT+
• Pairing: hold both arrows pushed down till light flashes
• One button on remote allows to switch pages of the Connect IQ app on the Garmin device
• Pairing with Edge devices possible
What do I have to do to use the address search in the app?
• Download country map for nominal fee which is the minimum amount Specialized has to charge users.
• Address search: only works if country map has been downloaded
Why do I sometimes get strange elevation data in my summary?
• Elevation data relies on GPS
• Strange data possible due to bad connection etc.
• App is as reliable as other devices
• Recommendation: use Strava interface for summaries
Why does the app not show rider power on Turbo S/X bikes?
• Rear hub motors cannot deliver rider power- only the bottom-bracket motor does
The app shows a long error code list but the bike works fine. What does this mean? (only MY16 Turbo 16)
• This is a bug that is being fixed
• Solution: turn bike off and on again, codes should be vanished
• If bike has real issues the error codes will keep popping up
• Actual error codes are stored in the battery and will persist if the bike and app are restarted.
• “Motor Error 67“ is another one that happens sometimes- „M-ERR“ code on bike UI and Error in MC app BUT both
disappear after both are restarted. No fault stored in BMS.
What are the main benefits of the Mission Control App?
• It is a real unique sales proposition
• Key USPs are range control, motor tuning, diagnostics and ride history
• It is free for download in Google Play store and App store
What effect has changing the wheel circumference in the app?
• Turbo: false speed data on display; no influence on actual bike speed
• Turbo Levo: very little influence on bike speed
• Turbo Levo wheel circumference: limited to a certain range 2000-2400mm to avoid legal issues; affects max.
speed; fastest setting: 2000 (about 1.3km faster); system restart needed
What are the benefits of tuning the motor characteristics in the app?
• Adjust motor behaviour to individual needs (range, power, riding profile etc.)
• Adjust Eco, Trail, Turbo to personal preferences
• Motor current: equals max power; makes sense if Levo rider and non Pedal Assist bikes want to ride together,
stay together; advanced setting
• Acceleration response: how fast bikes speeds off; not a huge difference but you can benefit from it especially
in steep uphills with tight corners; system restart needed to activate
What are the prerequisites to use the Mission Control App?
• Download app in App store or Google Play Store
• Create account in app, register (data connection is mandatory)
• Turn bike on and connect to it
Can two people access one bike via the Mission Control App at the same time?
• No
• One bike can only connect to one bike, after bike has been chosen it is not visible anymore since BT- channel is
How accurate is Smart Control?
• Accuracy depends on usage conditions
• Tolerance plus/minus 5 to 10 percent
• Plan with safety margin
Does Smart Control drain the cell phone battery quickly?
• No, Smart Control is an algorithm running in the app, independent of data connection
• Only turn-by-turn navigation is very battery-consuming
• To save power: download country map(s) so that you can use navigation offline
What maps does the app use?
• OSM maps, developed with same company that developed Bosch Nyon display
How useful are the OSM maps for off-road usage?
• OSM maps are made for on-road usage in the first place
• Gpx tracks will be importable into app
• Use Smart Control by ride time or distance to control range
Can two users with different app profiles use one bike?
• Yes, each user has his own app user profile by registering
• Only one person can be connected to a bike at the same time- Levo always keeps the settings the last user made
• If user connects to bike app settings are not automatically transferred to bike
Will it be possible to upload a gpx-track into the app?
• Yes, this is one OF the next updates to the app
• So far you can export to Strava only
Who is Brose and what are the key facts about the Levo motor?
• Brose is a huge automotive supplier, selling their components all over the world; every second to third car is
equipped with Brose technology
• They have very high safety and quality standards: IEEE certified = very safe, e.g. bike cannot ride off on its own –
TάV certified – same safety standards of car
• Brose founded a special department for Pedal Assist motors in Berlin in 2014 („Brose Antriebstechnik“)
• Visit: http://www.brose-ebike.com
• First and only company that does custom motors
• Levo: exclusive, custom tuned for Specialized, Trail Tune, 250W nominal, 530W max., max torque 90 Nm
• IP 56 protection (high standard, but pressure washing not allowed according to Levo manual)
• Working temperature -10 to +50°C (never let Levo sit in the cold before riding; motor creates heat and also
works in lower temperature if usage begins at room temperature)
• Light motor with 3.4 kg (several hundred grams lighter than Bosch and others): magnesium and alloy parts, belt
wheel is magnesium (special tech), carbon belt (unique, quieter, Gates carbon reinforced belt)
• No resistance compared to other motors - disengages so no need to activate the motor when pedaling
• Highest quality standard
• Innovative sensor technology
• Motor assembly is machine work in the first place, robots, very accurate, e.g. copper winding
• Base for motor: Audi steering motor
• Motor temperature management has been changed since Leogang/sample bikes
• No special tools necessary to remove motor unit
What for are the unused cable ports in the motor housing?
• Round ports: lights
• Other ports: Brose display and throttle
• No need to use display port as Specialized offers all connectivity and display options through app and ANT+
• Using Brose display would deactivate Mission Control App and Trail Display on the battery- important: always
use the blind plugs on unneeded motor ports; riding without the plugs may damage the motor
What is the motor working principle?
Roughly this:
• Stator/rotor – makes planet gear turn – gear ratio 1:9 – belt transmits force to spider (super silent thanks to the belt!)
– 30revs motor is one rev crank – torque sensor – signals: speed sensor, cadence
How do you update the motor?
• Diagnostic tool hardware needed for motor update (updates won‘t be necessary for production bikes, at least not
at the beginning)
• Special cable needed for motor update: Y-cable (service item)
• Some early diagnostic tools can cause trouble with motor updates
• Wireless updates to come (battery and motor); rider uses app (probably from MY18 on)
• Have software and hardware
• Connect all 3 connectors
• Start matching software
• Font colours in software have no meaning
• Early sample bikes: first update battery, then motor
Can the 25 kph speed limit be removed to make the bike faster
• Yes, this is theoretically possible (smarter than on any competitor system)- no official information from
• Tell Levo customers that they should not buy any tuning hardware for Brose, even Brose updates as they don‘t work
with our custom system
What effect does the wheel circumference on the bike speed?
• Wheel circumference can be adjusted between 2000 - 2400 mm in the Mission Control App
• Setting 2000 mm: Levo is about 1.2 kph faster than with standard setting
What can retailers do on Brose motors?
• Retailers are not meant to open the motor
• They can swap it against a new motor as one unit
• Belt change through SBC service only, not at retailer
• Service through Brose or Specialized Service Centre
• Do not update the Firmware from any other source than Specialized TSW even if available from Brose; the
firmware is developed for Specialized bikes and is different to other manufacturers using the same motors
What tools are needed to take out the motor unit?
• Allen keys 3, 4, 8 mm
• 13 mm external hex with ratchet extension
• 32 mm external hex (for TL- UN 96)
• Ratchets for both external hexes
• Shimano TL-UN 96 or corresponding tool
• Shimano TL-FC 15 or corresponding tool (e.g. Brose ISIS spline cover)
• Chain whip
• Two-jaw puller
What are the steps to take out the motor unit
1. Switch battery off, disconnect motor cable, take out battery
2. Take off crank arms (8mm allen)
3. Take off left motor covers (screw have different lengths!)
4. Bring chain guide in highest positon and take chain off
5. Unscrew spider lockring (TL- UN96 + 32 mm outer hex + chain whip
6. Take off spider (two-jaw puller + TL-FC 15)
7. Take off right motor cover
8. Disconnect speed sensor cable from motor
9. Unscrew three 13 mm hex nuts that hold motor
10. Take motor unit out (if it stick never hit ISIS axle or motor body with mallet!)
What should I adhere to when putting the motor back in?
• Make sure all blind plugs on not needed motor ports are installed
• Make sure cables are not wedged between motor and frame (speed sensor, Command Post cable)
• Make sure speed sensor and motor cable ports are clean and dry
• Use loctite on 13 mm nuts
• Tighten 13 mm nuts with about 25 Nm
• Do not forget safety bracket for motor cable
• Tighten spider lockring with 45 Nm
• Grease shift cable grove in right motor cover to prevent creaking noise
• Lightly grease ISIS spline
What is special about the Brose motor in Specialized Levos?
• The custom Specialized Trail Tune motor is a unique custom motor for Specialized
• Special software/communication: different way of measuring rider input and calculating output
• Only motor system that allows tuning via app (adjust all three modes individually)
• Many rides and tests to get the right tuning (cadence spectrum and response characteristic, different modes,
acceleration etc.)
• RX-tune sticker will be on motor
Does the motor offer more resistance when not engaged or when riding beyond motor support?
• No, motor and drivetrain are independent, no higher resistance
• This is a great advantage e.g. over Bosch and other systems that compromise ride by more motor resistance
Can the motor bearings be replaced by retailer or Specialized service??
• The motor is not serviceable by the rider, retailer, or SBC Service Center. With proper maintenance (NO
PRESSURE WASHERS) the bearings are expected/intended/designed to last to the 15000km service interval.
• As of right now, if a rider achieves the 15000 km and desires a service, the motor will likely be replaced rather
than serviced. Cost and specific procedure/policy are still TBD.
• If a motor exhibits bad bearings before 15000km or 2 years, normal warranty policies and procedures apply. We
will likely be lenient initially, but if a specific shop, rider, or mechanic is responsible for multiple and unique failures
then we will have to deal with them on a case-by-case basis.
What are the service/warranty times for the motor? (internal information)
• Warranty for rider/retailer is 2 years or 15.000 km for the belt
• If the motor has an issue before that mileage/time span, it gets replaced as one unit without cost (via SBC
service centers)
• Issue after 2 years/15.000 km: service prices to be determined
Can the mileage that has been stored in the engine be transferred to a new engine with an engine swap?
• No, this is not possible
• The mileage is only stored in the engine
What happens when the charge level reaches 20%?
• 20%: Battery gives a warning sign, the last two LEDs are red
• 10%: Battery gives a warning sign, system goes into eco-mode
• 1%: System will shut down
What is special about Levo frames?
• They are all purpose-built frames, designed from the ground up to offer the best ride experience
• Battery and motor integration (stiff system, low center of gravity, noise-free performance, easy
maintenance, great aesthetics)
• FSR frames have massive seatstay bridge to stiffen up rear-end
• Main pivot comes with two bearings each side for longevity- Levo frames are subject to our Limited Lifetime
Can you ride a Levo without battery?
Yes, this is possible because the battery is not part of the frame construction
What is special about the Levo FSR geometry?
• For all frames: it's the ingenious Specialized geometry for trail-eating performance and great handling
• Levo FSR geometry is similar to Stumpjumper FSR geometry, but tweaked in certain aspects
• Higher bottom bracket for more clearance (11 mm higher than on SJ FSR 6Fattie); this allows rider to keep
pedaling and get motor support also in rough terrain; cranks are shorter for this reason, too (165 and 170 mm)
• Very short chainstays thanks to clever motor integration (459 mm); some competitors have up to 490 mm
chainstays; Levo handling is superior!
What is the range spectrum for 504 Wh battery?
• There is a broad spectrum depending on variables
• Weight, mode, terrain and tyre spec/pressure play a huge role
• Leogang: most rides with Levo Expert FSR were between 1200 and 1500 hm in mix ECO/Trail with about 5-
12 % battery left (rider 70-80 kg)
Even harder to determine range than with Turbo. Some points to remember (repeating some from above):
• Tyre type and pressure (reported SIGNIFICANT reduction in range with 2 DH casing tyres)
• Type of terrain: Long climbs & descents vs. rolling terrain, soil type and condition
• Rider variables: Gear selection, Weight, Rider power input (remember that the motor provides a multiple of the
power a rider provides)
• Bike setup variables: Support mode selection, acceleration response, max support
What should riders do to extend and control range?
• Tips for the customer to extend range-
• Use Mission Control App and activate Smart Control feature and tell the bike how long/how far you want to go
• Use Eco and Trail instead of Turbo (Turbo is not a mode that makes sense for intended use; it‘s there because
every system is expected to have some 100% mode)
• Bring down the motor current if you want more range (or if Levo rider wants to ride with non-Levo rider)
• Gather experience with bike in different settings
What effect has tyre choice and tyre pressure on range?
• The right tyres pressure is key! (reference: front 18 psi / 1.3 bar, rear: 20psi / 1.5 bar)
• Tyres have big influence (Rider 1 test with Butcher DH: 25-30% more watts per tyre against 6Fattie! Rider 1
battery was drained, rider 2 still had 40% left even though they almost weight the same and stayed together
during their ride)
• 29x2.3 Levos won’t have greater range than 6Fattie as 6Fattie energy consumption is only 2 Watts higher
than 29x2.3 GC
• Body weight has even greater effect
What is the tyre pressure recommendation for Levos?
• Depends on many factors like tyre, rider, terrain, weight, but good reference for 6Fattie bikes is front 18 psi / 1.3
bar, rear 20 psi / 1.5 bar)
• You should add a few psi in the tyres to account for heavier weight
• The “Squeeze test” does not work on 6Fattie, and even more so for 6Fattie + Levo
• 1psi makes a big difference in performance with high-volume tyres but is nearly impossible to determine by feel
• The extra mass of the Levo requires slightly higher tyre pressure setting but most riders will not consider this
when trying to check pressure by feel.
• Instruct retailers to stock and sell quality pressure gauges
Can the magnet for the speed sensor also be mounted on other rotors?
• Yes, it can be mounted to all discs except Shimano Ice-Tech discs
• The magnet is a service item
• Instruct shops to keep some in stock to provide to riders who have multiple wheels
What is special about the Rx tune in the Levo shocks?
• Larger air volume with more progressive tune to accommodate for greater bike mass
• Special shim stack tuning- super easy to set it up correctly thanks to Autosag
Are there special recommendations for Levo suspension setup?
• Use Autosag
• Rebound: to be adjusted a bit slower on 6Fattie bikes as tyres ‚pop‘ livlier
• Fork charts are not expected to be changed- start with about 10psi more to start
• Always verify by measuring sag point
• Fork rebound setting may be about 1 click slower than similar fork on non-Levo, but rebound speed should be
about the same. Rebound setting must balance the spring pressure
Is it allowed to transport the Levo on a rear-mounted car rack?
• Yes
• Make sure you clamp the bike at the seatpost
• Always adhere to the user manual of the rack
What is the pre-assembly status for Levo shipments?
• Thorough pre-assembly
• Like other bikes, front wheel is out, battery is in bike, 60% charge
• Standard pdi required
• Motor plug is covered/protected
• Charge battery to 100% and let it sit for 2hrs to do calibration (SOC calibration); if not done straight away,
calibration runs, later but SOC may not be accurate before calibration

1.1 We aim to provide high quality specialist bikes for hire. To achieve this at a reasonable cost we ask our customers to treat the equipment responsibly.
1.2 Bikes and equipment can only be hired from Irvine Cycles on completion of an Online Agreement Form. The signatory of the Form is designated as the hirer. A Booking is made by the hirer on completion of the 1.3 All Bookings are subject to availability.

1.4 The Hire period commences on the day the cycle(s) and equipment is collected or dispatched to you and continues until the cycle(s) and equipment is returned to Irvine Cycles Bike Hire.
1.5 Bikes will not be supplied for use in any competitions, races, tests or trials whatsoever

1.6 If for any reason outside of Irvine Cyclescontrol, a bike becomes unavailable we reserve the right to substitute, with a bike of the same size and similar or better specification.


2.1 You are responsible for ensuring that you are physically fit enough to undertake cycling any distance or compete in events using Irvine Cycles or Equipment you have booked. Irvine Cycles Hire does not accept any responsibility for your failure to complete your Hire period due to lack of fitness, illness or injury. Irvine Cycles Hire does not accept liability for death, personal injury, loss or damage to personal effects to any participant, nor can Irvine Cycles Hire accept any responsibility for delays or changes to your period of Hire due to weather, strikes, war, terrorism or other causes.
2.2 You accept that cycling on a public highway and competition on such carries its own risks and you have made your booking on the basis that you undertake the Hire at your own risk. You understand and accept that Irvine Cycles Hire advises the wearing of cycle helmets at all times when riding.
2.3 You will ride your cycle responsibly at all times. You will not hold Irvine Cycles Hire responsible for any loss, damage or injury including death to persons or property with regard to the use of the cycle(s) and equipment hired. You accept responsibility to Indemnify Irvine Cycles Hire against any claim, interest, demand or expense in respect of such injury or damage.
2.4 You will ensure that you have suitable Insurance cover at all times during the period of your hire.
2.5 You are responsible for all cycles and equipment hired or loaned and it your responsibility to keep these items safe from damage, loss or theft, use it in a proper manner and not subject it to any misuse or unfair wear and tear.
2.6 Any damage caused due to crash or neglect is the Customer’s responsibility and will be charged for.
2.7 You will notify Irvine Cycles Hire immediately of any loss, damage or theft to the hired cycles or equipment however caused. You will be responsible for paying Irvine Cycles Hire the reasonable costs of repair or replacement for any such loss, damage or theft.
2.8 You will not offer for sale, sell, dispose, mortgage, lend, pledge or otherwise part with possession of the hired cycle(s) or equipment.
2.9 You will be liable for any loss subsequent or consequential resulting from unauthorised repairs or alterations to the bike
2.10 Irvine Cycles Hire staff is usually available by phone or email to help out with any problems during the hire period; however it is the customer’s responsibility to assemble, set up and keep a check on the bike they have hired. Whilst Irvine Cycles Hire will always do it’s best to have staff available during the hire period this cannot be guaranteed.


3.1 The hire fee must be paid in full on booking. Cancellations up to 28 days before the hire date will result in the forfeit of 20% of the hire fee. The hire fee must be paid in full more than 28 days in advance of the hire date and cancellations within this time will forfeit the hire fee.
3.2 In consideration of our arranging and fulfilling your Hire in accordance with these terms and conditions you will pay Irvine Cycles Hire the total price for your period of Hire set out in the Hire Agreement Form in advance of the hire commencing.
3.3 Late return of the Bike will be charged at twice the published daily hire rate for each day/ part day that the bike is returned late.
3.4 Site of a valid credit card will normally be required at the commencement of any hire period, this may extend to a deposit to the value of the cycle(s) by credit or debit card payment or other surety as deemed sufficient by Irvine Cycles Hire depending on Mallorca Bike Hire’s assessment of the risk and the value of the equipment. This deposit will be returned at the end of the hire period provided that;
Any cycles and/or equipment hired or used are returned in an undamaged condition to Irvine Cycles Hire
Any cycles and/ or equipment hired or used are returned within the arranged hire period at an arranged time and place to Irvine Cycles Bike Hire
3.5 If the terms set out in 3.4 (above) are not complied with, Irvine Cycles Hire reserve the right to charge reasonable charges until such time when cycles and/ or equipment concerned have been returned to Irvine Cycles Hire. In the case of cycles and/or equipment left or returned damaged, you are responsible for any costs incurred and sustained in replacing or repairing (whichever the cheaper) the items concerned to a condition equivalent to that prior to the Hire.
3.6 In all cases normal wear and tear as defined by the products manufacturer or supplier is accepted and allowed and is included in any hire price(tyres, inner tubes and accessories supplied with the bike remain the sole responsibility of the hirer at all times and will not be covered by any insurance offered by Irvine Cycles Hire)
3.7 In all cases, the security/ damage deposit can be used as a deposit against the costs or charges mentioned here.


4.1 It is the rider’s responsibility for their own safety. Cycling involves personal risk and you must ride responsibly.
4.2 Injury(s) and/or death associated with the sport of cycling may result from weather, excessive speed, collision with inanimate objects or other persons, rider inexperience, error or abuse of equipment.
4.3 First time or novice bikers should use the equipment under the supervision of an experienced rider.
4.4 You must not cycle under the influence of alcohol, strong medication, other drugs or fatigue.
4.5 The wearing of helmets is obligatory in the UK


5.1 Irvine Cycles Hire accepts responsibility for death, personal injury and direct loss suffered by you which you can demonstrate was caused by our negligence up to the limit set out in clause 5.3 below.
5.2 Irvine Cycles Hire will not be liable to you where any alleged loss or damage results from;

a) Any of your own actions or omissions;
b) The action or omission of a third party not connected with the provision of your bike hire:
c) An event or circumstances which we could not have predicted or avoided even after taking all reasonable care;
d) Where any loss or damage is considered to be indirect or consequential loss.

5.3 Except in respect of death and personal injury, in respect of which no limit of liability shall apply, Irvine Cycles Hire’s total liability to you under this contract between us shall be limited to the total cost of your Booking.
5.4 Irvine Cycles Hire shall have no liability to you if we are unable to fulfil a Booking due to an event of Force Majeure. In the event of Irvine Cycles Hire being unable to fulfil your booking our liability to you shall not exceed to the agreed cost of the hire.
5.5 Except where expressly permitted under the Data Protection Act 1998, we will only use your personal details in connection with your Booking arrangements, unless you agree otherwise. We will keep your personal details secure in accordance with our obligations under the Data Protection Act 1998.


6.1 These terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between us, and supersede any previous agreement or understanding and may not be varied except in writing between us. All other terms, express or implied by statute or otherwise, are excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.
6.2 Any notice required or permitted to be given by either of us to the other under these terms and conditions shall be in writing.
6.3 No failure or delay by either of us in exercising any of its rights under these terms and conditions shall be deemed to be a waiver of that right, and no waiver by either of us of any breach of these terms and conditions by the other shall be considered as a waiver of any subsequent breach of the same or any other provision.
6.4 If any provision of these terms and conditions is held by any court or other competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part, the validity of the other provisions of these terms and conditions and the remainder of the provision in question shall not be affected.
6.5 Except as otherwise expressly provided herein, nothing in these terms and conditions confers or purports to confer on any third party any benefit or any right to enforce any of these terms or conditions pursuant to the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999.
6.6 These terms and conditions shall be governed by Scottish law, and both of us hereby agree to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the Scottish Courts.

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