bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube for only 35.00

bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00
bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00
bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00bike wash, degreaser, wipes & lube  for only 35.00

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Keep your bike looking & running great this winter by buying our essential bundle pack.

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5 items for 35.00

We have carefully selected some degreasers, cleaners and lube to ensure you have it covered this winter.
lets face it, even on the shortest of trips your bike may well end up looking unrecognisable covered in dirt & crud when you return home.
First thing is to spray some Finish Line Bike Wash on the frameset, tyres and rims. To make sure you make it through the winter we have included 4 litres, remember this can be diluted with water should your bike require just a light cleanse. For that all important drivechain you may need some Finish Line Citrus degreaser to help remove that stubborn crud. To help you along the way we have included some bamboo wipes which can also be used on your disc rotors without the risk of contamination of pads. After cleaning it is vital you apply some quality lube to keep your gears shifting sweet as wellas prolonging the life of your chainrings, chain etc.

Bamboo wipes - canister of 25 RRP 6.99 per canister

100% bamboo wipes treated with a secret solution that is strong enough to clean a bicycle chain, yet safe enough to clean a cyclist's hands after a roadside repair or muddy legs before the long car ride home Tough, durable and tear resistant Waffled texture absorbs more grime and actively picks up dirt from bikes or legs!
perfect for cleaning disc brake rotors and won't contaminate your pads Made from biodegradable material, meaning that after 28 days in the compost 80% of it will have decomposed Farmed and harvested from bamboo grown sustainably in China

Finish Line : Bike Wash 1 US gallon / 3.8 litres RRP 19.99 per 3.8 litres PLUS Bike Wash 38 oz / 1 litre bottle

Quickly cleans off mud, dirt, and road grime off your bike with little or no scrubbing Formula contains five different bike-cleaning solvents for high speed cleaning performance Specialist cleaning agents tackle hydrocarbons, organic compounds, and surface tension films Rust and oxidation inhibitors prevent parts corroding or rusting after cleaning Anti-static agent helps to prevent dirt adhesion, and provides a short term shine Use the spray if you use your bike in muddy / grimy areas as it has a deep penetration of contaminants Safe for all areas of the bike, including aluminium and carbon fibre - and can be used on motorbikes, boats and more!
Environmentally safe biodegradable formula does not contain detergents, phosphates, benzene or chlorinated solvents

Fenwicks Wet Conditions Lube 100ml
Taking a very scientific approach, Fenwick`s lubes focus on the UK and European riding conditions in which the lube needs to perform rather than the style of lube itself. Compared to "dry" lubes, Fenwick`s wet style lubes offer more protection and performance at bicycle operating temperatures Fenwick`s synthetic lubes are made to conditions-specific bespoke formulations. All 3 lubes offer:
Smoother, quieter functioning bike
Increased protection against corrosion
Decreased wear
Increased maintenance periods
Reduced environmental contamination - less needed per application, greater tenacity so less trail contamination For best results, apply to a clean chain and wipe off excess with a clean, absorbent cloth. Reapply as necessary. Ride. Pushing the boundaries of new technology, this highly tenacious lube offers unbelievable wet weather performance, astounding longevity and gunk free operation.The cycle industry's original and best orange-peel based degreaser is fast acting and super strongCuts through even heavy accumulations of carbonised grit, grease, and grimeLow surface tension ensures degreaser penetrates into all areasCitrus Degreaser 12 oz / 360 ml Aerosol Contains surfactants, so parts clean up quickly and then rinse off with water leaving no residueEnvironmentally friendly formula is non-toxic and biodegradable100% active, so contains no water, but can be diluted for less aggressive cleaning

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