"Platinum" Service Booking Free Uplift & Return Service

''Platinum'' Service Booking Free Uplift & Return Service

Our Price:  £60.00
Enter date to pick up your bike:  
Please give at least 24 hours notice, we will email you to confrm approx time of collection.
Any issues in particular you wish to alert us about ?  
Example : Noise coming from Bottom Bracket Area
Cycle Brand,  Type & Colour:  
Safe Place for Bike uplift/delivery:  
If no one is home and you wish us to pick up from a safe place.
Fit any replacement parts deemed necessary to complete job  :  
Simply answer Yes or Contact Me First



Despatch Normally within one to two days.

Struggle to find the time to get your bike in to our store for its servicing requirements? Providing your postcode falls within our red boudary line shown in our map above we can help. We will uplift your bike and return when completed at no extra charge. Simply purchase this service package and help us by filling in the blanks regarding your bike. If your cycle required any replacement parts you will be billed after job is completed.

If your cycle has been used regularly with no servicing sooner or later the components and performance will suffer. With our harsh weather conditions chainwear can be more rapid than you might have expected. Those broken bottles and thorns on your commute home can also damage your tyres, sometimes beyond repair. Dont under-estimate the importance of quality brake and gear cables as well for top performance.
It does make sense to service your bike regularly, typically our Platinum service is generally aimed at cyclists who use thier bikes regularly. This is the most popular and requested job within our workshop as we endeavour to keep our customers mobile. We will always keep you informed whilst your bike is in our store as to its progress.

Please note at checkout stage you must pay in advance on this uplift/return offer. There is no pay instore option, and any subsequent additional payment due will be billed seperatley.