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The Turbo Levo The Power To Do More









"The Turbo Levo goes about its business effortlessly and quietly, very different to many electric bikes out there. The battery is integrated into the downtube, keeping the weight low, and is easily accessible"

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Vital MTB

"If everyone were to have a go on one there would be guaranteed moments where the fun meter would be in the red zone, causing many a rider to reconsider their stance on e-bikes."

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Bike Rumour

"Our time with the Turbo Levo was undeniably fun and destroyed many of the misconceptions surrounding electric bikes."

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"Go demo one with an open mind once they’re available and think about the possibilities it opens up in terms of riding trails that may not have been considered as fun on a traditional MTB. While you’re at it think about who this bike could benefit…."

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E-Bike Mag

"If you thought that E-MTBs were only for pensioners and puny wimps then think again."

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Check Out these amazing Videos of the Turbo Levo & The Specialized Mission Control App