£50 Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme (free servicing)

£50 Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme (free servicing)
 £50 Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme (free servicing)£50 Scotland Cycle Repair Scheme (free servicing) 

Our Price:  £0.01
List Price:  £50.00
Saving Of:  100%
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Please Note : Currently turnaround on cycle servicing can vary between 3-7 days



Despatch Normally within one to two days.

The scheme is aimed at people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford standard cycle repairs at this time. That can be for an old bike that needs some work to make it roadworthy, or one that’s well used but requires some attention. If you are able to pay for your cycle repairs in general, please book your bike in from HERE.  Any person/s booking the scheme & in the event of scheduled appointment not being met we cannot re-schedule.

This scheme works with bike shops across the country to provide free bike repair and maintenance to those who need it most right now. 

We know it can be difficult to pay for essential bike repairs. If you need a helping hand to get your bike into shape, this scheme provides free repair and maintenance work up to the value of £50. To qualify for the offering all we ask is bookings be made here via our website & you are happy for your contact details to be passed on to Cycling UK. Your details will not be passed on to any organisation other than Cycling UK.

The scheme is part of the Scottish Government’s response to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to provide more options to the public for travel and transport. A total of 20,000 repairs will be available across Scotland. The scheme is funded by the Scottish Government and is administered by Cycling UK.

What cycles are covered by the scheme?

All cycles are welcome in the scheme including adultsí and childrenís bikes, e-bikes and non-standard cycles (e.g. tandems, tricycles, recumbents, side-by-side and cargo bikes). Not all bike shops can repair each kind of bike, individuals will need to check with their local participating bike shop first.

I own three bikes. Can I get a £50 repair for all of them?

No Ė weíd ask that each individual only take one bike in for repair.

Can I take in bikes for others?

Yes Ė we donít expect every individual to be in attendance. For example, someone could bring in their own bike and bikes for their children and/or partner.

How will I know how much the repairs will cost?

The bike shop will undertake a free assessment of the repairs and then provide you with a quote for the work. You are under no obligation to proceed with the repairs.

What repairs are covered by the £50?

Basic service and essential mechanical repairs are covered by the scheme i.e. repairs that are necessary to make the cycle roadworthy and fit for purpose. We would expect that £50 should cover at least what is known as a Bronze service (e.g. frame and forks wiped down and checked for alignment; gears and brakes adjusted; chain checked and lubricated; wheels and tyres inspected for wear; full safety check).

The following repairs/transactions are NOT covered by the scheme:

a sale of replacement parts without any repair work
replacement or upgrade of existing safe and roadworthy components
replacement or repair of removeable lighting accessories
using the £50 to contribute to the purchase of cycles or accessories
any repairs to e-bike electronic units.

What if the repair costs more than £50?

The scheme only covers the first £50 of any repair. All repair costs should be agreed in advance before any work is carried out. If you canít afford the additional costs then you must agree with the bike shop in advance what repairs can be carried out up to the value of £50.

What if I canít afford any repairs over the first £50 and my bike still isnít roadworthy?

Unfortunately the scheme can only support basic repairs up to £50.

Can I get the parts myself and use the £50 to cover the shop fitting them?


Scotland Repair Scheme Service, valued at £50

We have introduced this service to co-incide with the Scotland Repair Scheme. This service level falls between our General & Platinum offerings priced at £40 & £65 respectively.

A full comprehensive service similar to the general service described below, upgrades include de-greasing and cleaning of drivechain, sprocket & chainrings.

General Service : £40.00

#Does not include servicing of suspension or hydraulic brakes#

#any hydraulic brake bleeds and/or suspension servicing would be charged separately from the work carried out below#

General service includes adjustment of brakes and gears for a smooth performance. Checking wheels for true & lubricating brake and gear cables#

#It is fairly common that gear & brake cables are replaced within service packages, this is a fairly inexpensive process & maximises the performance in braking & shifting

Check tyres are at the correct pressure and making sure that all nuts and bolts are checked.