Slaughter GRID 2Bliss Ready / Buy One, Get 2nd Tyre for £10 !!

Slaughter GRID 2Bliss Ready / Buy One, Get 2nd Tyre for £10 !!

Our Price:  £58.00
List Price:  £96.00
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Brand:  Specialized

Casing: 60 TPI
Bead: Foldable
Butyl wrapped bead = 2Bliss Ready
Compound: GRIPTON
26 x 2.3"; PSI 25-50; approximate weight 815g
650b x 2.3"; PSI 25-50; approximate weight 825g
650b x 2.6"; PSI 20-40; approximate weight 950g
650b x 2.8"; PSI 15-30; approximate weight 1040g
29 x 2.3"; PSI 25-50; approximate weight 860g

The new Slaughter Grid 2Bliss Ready tyre has been designed for heavy-pedal, hard-pack riding—receiving vertically stepped knob shapes for more knob core stability and additional biting edges. Fast courses on hard-packed ground require a light, fast tyre centre to keep speeds high, but must also keep the speed through loose sandy corners and track well under hard braking. For these reasons, we've kept the high shoulder knobs. Our GRIPTON compound, meanwhile, improves high frequency damping, better attaching the tyre to the ground over small bumps and rough sections alike. This also means that the low frequencies of the rolling tyre deflections pass through unfiltered, leaving no energy to be absorbed and keeping your speed high. Please note hat we recommend GRID tyres for anyone seeking the utmost in flat and sidewall protection or additional stability.

We are so confident in our tyres’ performance that we are now providing an unconditional 90 day satisfaction guarantee on every Specialized Tyre we sell. If, for any reason, you are not 100% satisfied with any Specialized tyre, you can return it to our store for credit towards a new Specialized tyre. (original proof of purchase required)