Buy Local & save £££s.  Irvine Cycles are asking our local community to shop local & we will reward you with exclusive discounts on many lines of cycle equipment. Below you will notice some items are listed twice, one with the recommended RRP from the brand, and a separate listing with a discounted price. The RRP price can be purchased by Joe Bloggs anywhere in the UK. The discounted priced item can only be purchased in our store, over the counter & is not available for purchase from the website at its reduced price. Why are we doing this you may ask........ well, its quite simple, if you want a local bricks & mortar bike shop within your local community, we are asking you to support it. We in turn will provide you with the desired item at a slightly discounted price to show you that we also value your custom. And guess what, we get to chat about bikes as well while you are in the store. Just one more thing, that discounted price we advertised below, there is a catch, YOU need to ask for the SHOP LOCAL price insore, thats not too much to ask from you, is it ?? So... before you visit that big online cycle corporation, take a minute and consider, if that purchase could be done local.  So, whats the message here ..... Buy Local & Support your local bike shop, otherwise we may not be here for you when you need us most......THE INTERNET CANNOT FIX YOUR BIKE ! (items listed below all available to buy or view instore)

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Lazer Century Helmet .........Crazy Deals !!       From 65...

Lazer Century Helmet .........Crazy Deals !! From 65...£65.00  -  £75.00

The Century helmet is the result of 100 years of expertise.

Lazer Blade+ Helmet

Lazer Blade+ Helmet£69.99

Lazer Century Helmet RRP 130 OURS 79

Lazer Century Helmet RRP 130 OURS 79£130.00   £59.00

SHOP LOCAL price, only available instore, see above.

Lazer Blade+ Helmet

Lazer Blade+ Helmet£69.99   £57.00

SHOP LOCAL price, only available instore, see above.

Cameleon Helmet, Matte Dark Blue

Cameleon Helmet, Matte Dark Blue£59.99   £49.99

Cameleon Helmet, Matte White

Cameleon Helmet, Matte White£59.99   £49.99

Coyote Helmet, Matt Black

Coyote Helmet, Matt Black£69.99   £40.00

Compact DLX MIPS Helmet

Compact DLX MIPS Helmet£50.00   £35.00

Uni-size Adult 54 - 61 cm

J1 helmet

J1 helmet£30.00

various colours available

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Page 1 of 2:    21 Items

5 Reasons to Buy from your local bike shop :

1.Expertise, honesty & experience.

2. You will miss the quick fix emergency repairs when they are gone.

3. You will end up with the right thing & get the best advice.

4. You are supporting the local economy.

5. Build a relationship with the staff, that 2 minute tune up of your gears just might be free of charge the next time you visit.