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At Irvine Cycles we realise your next bike purchase is a considered & important decision. You may well have spent hours surfing the web doing your homework, yet you are still undecided as to whether the best choice is a 29r or 650b ?

The Race Bike designed for endurance or is speed more important to you on those 90 min rides?

Hardtail or Full Sus ? Multi use or Street ?  Adventure or Touring ? Traditional hybrid Or fast hybrid ?

Clinchers or Tubeless ?  Clipless or Flats ? Schrader or Presta ?

You've heard all the bike jargon but would like a considered ear for advice as to what's right for YOU. And what better way to do so than over a Coffee & and an uninterrupted appointment to chat anything bike related.

Male or Female, 16 or  65yrs, beginner or expert,  if you are in the market for a new bike we want to speak to you.  As we have mentioned , we realise this is an important decision and you want to get it right. 

For this reason we are opening our doors after hours for 1 to 1 appointments , this means no distractions whatsoever, our time is devoted solely to you. This means no telephones ringing, no expletives coming from our workshop (when our mechanic has another "stuck" seatpost on the latest job). What we are saying is the floor is yours, we will listen and listen some more as to what you are looking for out of your new cycle purchase. After hearing what you have to say we will offer some opinions, firstly on what type of bike we feel would benefit you most. If you like what you hear, we can then move to sizing.  We will not sell you a large frame simply because we may have 10 of that size in the storeroom! We want you to enjoy your cycle, and to do that the sizing must be right. Once we have established frame size, typically we can give you some visual advice in terms of saddle height/position, bars, stems etc. This is not a "bikefit" as such, just some friendly advice and pointers where we feel would benefit you and your cycling experience.

Of course if you are in the market for that brand new carbon Aero Race Bike, professional bike fitting becomes more important. 

We hope this service will be of interest to you, please feel free to arrange YOUR appointment on a day that suits you. Appointments are generally available most weekdays at 5pm, come equipped to cycle as well, with enough notice we can arrange demo bikes for you to try, We can accompany you on a short ride round the town. OK we might not have the perfect size for you in stock at that given time, but at least you will get a feel as to how it handles and what it offers. 

Heard enough and wish to arrange a no obligation 1 to 1 bike appointment ?

You can arrange an appointment by using our contact page, leaving your name & email address.  Within the message box please give us much information as you can. 

Examples : 

I am looking for a bike to commute to work on, primarily surface is tarmac but on occasions by taking a shortcut I can encounter forest roads with loose surfaces. I think it may be a multi-purpose hybrid that I am looking for ?

I am looking for a bike that is comfortable and upright, I am not looking to enter the tour de france anytime soon and stabilty, comfort & confidence is my priorities with my bike purchase. I think it may be a comfort step-through hybrid that  I am looking for ? 

I am looking for a bike designed for speed,  where I intend to ride the roads are smooth, I am quite competitive and my priority is to improve my times on my chosen routes. I think it may be a race bike that I am looking for ? 

Please provide us with any information that you feel will help us identify the right bike for you, dont forget to give us some days that would be convenient for you. we can then get prepared for your visit for a "Coffee & Chat".

CLICK HERE to arrange an appointment.