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Is your child getting too big for his or her bike ? 

If so have you considered part-exchange ?  You may be surprised what discount you may get when trading in your old child's bike against the latest Ridgeback, Saracen or Specialized  bikes on display in-store.

Why not give us a call on 01294 272712 to discuss or better still pay us a visit with the used bike you have no further use for. We can then measure up your child on the latest offerings and give you an idea of the "trade-in" value.

 Its not just child's bikes we consider on part exchange, we offer this service to adult bikes also.

Perhaps your previous purchase has just seen better days?  Or maybe it was a hybrid you bought when it really should have been a race bike to push yourself to the limits on those weekends off? If so don't despair, we are sure we could offer you a generous trade-in value for a new Specialized, Saracen or Genesis model.

Whatever your reason to consider part-exchange on your current bike, why not get in touch?

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